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Partners in Healing

Peer Solutions is dedicated to fostering positive change in our community by partnering with other organizations that focus on youth and community development. These partnerships are built on a foundational shared vision of developing safe, equitable, respectful and healthy communities.Through collaboration, we are able to expand the resources we offer to our communities and provide holistic healing to our youth.

school of hip hop logo.

The School of Hip Hop is a Non Profit 501(c)(3) cultural and creative arts based movement, purposed to revitalize our community and build a brighter future. The School of Hip Hop offers Workshops & Camps (daily or weekly) using the 5 elements of HipHop and instrumentation.

the logo for the visioning bear arc circle intertribal coalition.

Visioning B.E.A.R. Circle Intertribal Coalition, or VBCIC for short, provides prevention education, training, and technical assistance to all indigenous and multicultural communities in the Northeast and nationally who wish to eliminate interpersonal violence in their tribal, intertribal, or other types of communities. The acronym B.E.A.R. in our name stands for “Balance, Equality, and Respect.” Walking in Balance with All Our Relations is a primary prevention curriculum based on indigenous values prior to colonization to promote the safety of Youth, Adults, and Elders in our communities from a Racial Justice and Gender Equity Lens.

doves network logo on a white background.

DOVES, which stands for daily overcoming violence and embracing safety, is a beacon of peace headquartered in Maricopa, Arizona. It provides teens with a healing space that isn't therapy but strengths and skilled based opportunities to heal in their way. 

By and for the community.

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