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Peer Solutions currently provides at 15 sites

Trauma Informed Primary Prevention Programming 

TIPP programming is youth led and developed, year round, intergenerational, community and evidence driven, and designed to normalize safety, equity and respect (SER) to address and prevent the root causes of harm including Oppression, Silence/Denial, and Normalized Harm (OSN). We cultivate SER to end OSN through The Guts To Be Good – G2BG, five things everyone, everywhere, every day can do to make the world a better place.

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TIPP programming validates the root causes of harm with empathy and compassion and strives to be adaptable to all identities and abilities. TIPP strategies are positive, fun, pre-birth through the life span, generational, and permanent.

Peer Solutions offers Trauma Informed Primary Prevention (TIPP) Certification for anyone working with youth and families!

Training is based on Blooms Taxonomy and combines multiple adult learning techniques, networking, and ongoing follow-up.

  1. Weekly Lunch and Advisory Club meetings at high schools
  2. Weekly Afterschool and Summer Peer Education Programming at Boys & Girls Clubs and Middle/Elementary Schools
  3. Weekly Afterschool peer leadership training
  4. Daily Social Media including Guts to Be Good (G2BG) Daily Solutions
  5. Monthly Coalition Meetings, Family and Campus and Community Wide Outreach, Newsletters, and G2BG School Staff of the month,
  6. Bi-Annual Days at the Capitol including Shadow a Legislator Day
  7. Ongoing TIPP Talk Podcast, TIPP Certification Training, Equity Toolbox Development for Schools, Businesses, and Governments, and service projects

TIPP Training Components


  • Educate and connect with youth, family, and community service providers
  • Advance the field of primary prevention including positive youth development and community mobilization
  • Normalize safety, equity, and respect with evidence-informed strategies across the social ecology
  • Address and prevent oppression, silence/denial, and normalized harm with empathy and compassion


  • Implement youth and community-led and developed programming
  • 3 R’s – Relationship Building, Recruitment, and Retention with youth and adults
  • Work with prevention and intervention partners
  • Develop and adapt curriculum
  • Build a coalition
  • Gain intervention resources for connection, inclusion and distribution


  • Use evaluation to maximize impact
  • Develop short and long-term evaluation strategies to maximize impact

Guts To Be Good

The Guts to be Good Campaign consists of 5 principles: the Guts to Be Honest, the Guts to Be Respectful, the Guts to Be Courteous, the Guts to Speak Up, and the Guts to Lend a Hand.

From these 5 principles we get the G2BG Daily Solutions: youth-developed examples that everyone can enact daily to make the world a better place.

Monday through Friday, we ask local community members to share and enact our G2BG Daily Solutions. This is a way that we can all make a positive impact on our community.  

Monday: The Guts to Be Honest
Tuesday: The Guts to Be Respectful
Wednesday: The Guts to Be Courteous
Thursday: The Guts to Speak Up
Friday: The Guts to Lend a Hand

the g2g logo with the words speak up and be honest.

G2BG School Staff of the Month

Each month, we recognize and honor one person who exemplifies the 5 principles of G2BG. This person receives a gift basket and is highlighted on our webpage, social media, and more! Do you know an AZ school staff member who deserves an award?

We also provide trainings on the following:


Eating disorders

Child abuse & adverse childhood experiences (ACEs)

Juvenile delinquency & poor school performance

Depression/self-harm/suicide with those addressing Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Interpersonal skills development with individuals, families and professionals addressing TBI

Gang & gun violence

Homelessness & poverty

Interpersonal violence

Substance Abuse

Adolescent reproductive & sexual health education and STI prevention


You might come across these terms and acronyms for the first time on our site and in our programming. We've defined them here so you can learn what they mean, refer back to them if you need a reminder. 

G2BG - Guts To Be Good 

A Peer Solutions campaign founded on the idea that because everyone has guts, everyone also has the guts to be good! The G2BG consists of five principles: Respect, Courtesy, Honesty, Speaking up, and Lending a hand. 

TIPP - Trauma Informed Primary Prevention 

Acknowledging present and historical trauma with empathy and compassion. Including this voice to prevent future harm in practice and policy. Stopping the problem before it happens. 

SEM - Social Egological Model

Individual, relationship, community and societal level strategies.

OSN - Oppression, Silence, Normalized violence & harm 

What Peer Solutions considers the root causes of violence.

SER - Safety, Equity, and Respect

The opposite of OSN. What heals our communities from violence. 

CONSENT -  permission for something to happen or agreement to do something.


By and for the community.

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