Our vision is safety, equity and respect (SER) normalized in our hearts, homes, schools, workplaces, communities, governments and planet. This is a world free from harm - free from child abuse, domestic and sexual abuse, animal abuse and much more.

We develop and implement activities with the communities we serve. This establishes cultural relevance, retention and generational, permanent impact. Today’s young people are tomorrow’s parents, caregivers and policy makers. 

Peer Solutions was founded in 1996 with a mission: peers working with peers to make the world a better place.

Our Goals 
four girls holding up heart shaped paper cut outs.

To direct resources toward the health and well-being of our families, schools, communities, and governments.

two students holding up signs with the words don't be alone.

To cultivate social norms, practices, and policies to ensure Safety, Equity, and Respect (SER).


To address and prevent the causes of trauma with honesty, empathy, compassion, and kindness. 

two girls posing in front of a yellow table in a classroom.

To normalize self-advocacy, self-care, and sharing and using community resources.


To ensure strategies are evidence-informed, youth-led and developed with the communities we serve, and strive to be inclusive of all identities and abilities.


a group of people sitting around a table with crafts.

To build resiliency and protective factors supporting the Social Determinants of Health across the Social Ecological Model (SEM).

Thanks to our youth, family, school, community, government and funding partners

We would like to extend our gratitude and recognize the partners who contribute their time, efforts, and resources to Peer Solutions. We are all Peers, and together, we are all the Solution!

three women in t - shirts standing in a room.

By and for the community.

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