Your donation of time and/or money will positively impact youth, families, and communities for generations. "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." We are all Peers, We are all the Solutions. Thank you.

Donate and don't pay a dime. Peer Solutions is a qualifying charitable organization for Arizona’s tax credit program. Donate up to $400 as an individual or $800 as a couple to Peer Solutions and receive a dollar-for-dollar AZ Charitable Organization Tax Credit using QCO code #20833 on Form 321. In 2023 the amount will be 421 for an individual and 841 for a couple. 


AZ License Plate 

When you purchase the Arizona Child Abuse Prevention License Plate, 68% of the $25 cost is donated to five subgrantees across the valley, including Peer Solutions. This $17 donation is tax deductible and helps fund our Primary Prevention curriculum, eliminating the root causes of childhood harm.

do you recognize this az kids license plate?.

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