School Programs

Peer Solutions provides a Trauma Informed Primary Prevention & Intervention Package designed to prevent violence including child abuse and sexual & domestic violence, with evidence-based strategies that are comprehensive, permanent, and sustainable. We work with you to develop, facilitate, and evaluate a package with components for students, administrators, school staff, and community partners, which can include but is not limited to those listed here. 

School Programming Goals

  • Establish a district-wide culture of safety, equity, and respect
  • Prevent harassment and all forms of violence before they begin
  • Normalize immediate trauma informed intervention responses
  • Increase school performance and graduation and attendance rates
  • Satisfy school, district, local and state laws and requirements
  • Cultivate healthy individuals, families, schools, workplaces, communities, governments and world

Package Includes:

  • District-wide training and materials by and for staff and students
  • Evaluation materials including climate survey
  • Monthly staff memos and announcements
  • Updated TIPP policies for students and staff to ensure compliance and maximum impact
  • Scripts for Superintendent to adress students, family, staff, volunteers and partners
  • Links to current policies, handbooks and programming
    Respect Policy

Why cultivating safety, equity, and respect (SER) works

90% of behavior is learned through modeling. By modeling SER, we encourage others to do the same. People that feel safe and treated equitably with respect are even better students, employees, family and community members. They're more likely to be in healthy relationships and less likely to hurt themselves or others. 

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By and for the community.

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