Respect Policy 

The following is a template can be used to update, develop and adopt your own respect policy to meet the needs of your organization. Begin by reviewing your organization’s mission and the policy examples below. It is helpful to have a discussion and training on what each component of the policy means including how to translate it into action. 

The vision of _______________________ is to promote academic excellence, integrity of character, and social awareness in each individual student. Students, staff, and administrators are committed to protecting the safety, interests, and rights of all individuals. We treat everyone respect. All contributing members play an essential role in the fulfillment of this vision.


Reliable:  We are dependable, responsible, and trustworthy. We are honest, and display a strong sense of integrity.

Enthusiastic:  We make school fun by displaying high levels of self-motivation, creativity, and sense of purpose. We express interest through a sincere desire to learn.

Supportive: We create safe environments and demonstrate through empathy, cooperation, and a helpful attitude an appreciation of students, staff, administrators, and the community.

Positive: We accomplish activities with confidence and a positive attitude. A positive attitude is contagious. We represent our school in a positive manner through words and actions and in all other mediums such as social media.

Efficient: We are eager to become more aware, competent, and knowledgeable. We are dedicated to performing tasks correctly, safely, and on time.

Caring: We are friendly and treat everyone regardless of identity equitably with respect. We practice concern, courteousness, compassion, and kindness. We lend a hand to those in need.

Team Player:  We are all on the same team. If we see or hear anything that is not ok, we speak-up, when we feel safe, and work together to make it OK. We have the Guts To Be Good! G2BG - Five things we can all do to make the world a better place! 1- The Guts to Be Respectful, 2- The Guts to Be Honest, 3- The Guts to Speak-Up, 4- The Guts to Be Courteous, & 5- The Guts to Lend A Hand.

By and for the community.

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