Jennifer Rauhouse

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Jennifer Rauhouse is Co-Director, and founded Peer Solutions with the community in 1996 with the vision of safety, equity, and respect (SER) normalized in our hearts, homes, schools, workplaces, governments, communities, and world. This is a world free from the root causes of harm, including historical and current Trauma, Silence/Denial, and Normalized Harm (OSN). To achieve this vision, through research and practice beginning in 1981, Jennifer has developed, researched, implemented, and evaluated Peer Solutions’ program, Trauma Informed Primary Prevention (TIPP). She has learned that the TIPP approach also prevents bullying/harassment, domestic, gang, gun, relationship and sexual violence, child and substance abuse, food and housing insecurities, suicide, depression, poor school performance, poverty, sexually transmitted infections and HIV, unplanned pregnancy, trafficking, and more. Jennifer is deeply committed to ending harms in childhood including systemic racism and rape culture. The root causes of all of the above are similar, if not the same. To prevent one is to prevent them all. Jennifer has served on the National Sexual Violence Resource Center’s Advisory Council, has established sexual violence prevention guidelines with the CDC, and has provided primary prevention training to all states with an emphasis on youth and community inclusion and mobilization. In May of 2017, she received the Saguaro Life Time Achievement Award from the Arizona Coalition to End Sexual and Domestic Violence.

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