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“Students at William T. Machan School have been blessed to have Peer Solutions, working side by side with our students. This program teaches our students how to be positive advocates for themselves as well as others in their community. By empowering students with the skills needed to navigate a world that is not always kind and caring, Peer Solutions is changing the future.” Julie Frost, Principal, William T. Machan School, 8-27-18

“I’ve watched youth coming through the Peer Solutions program grow into articulate, confident and passionate young adults. This organization is at the forefront of ensuring that young people feel safe, secure and brave enough to set their own boundaries and respect others. It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend awarding this superb organization.” Athena Salman, State Representative, Tempe, Mesa, Phoenix, Salt River Pima Maricopa Indian Community 1-2019

“I love Peer Solutions because the group is made up of kids and teens who help each other and work to change their community in a grass-roots way. They are role models for each other and a support system for each other. I've seen so many of these kids go from being bashful and afraid to speak up to speaking and advocating passionately in front of hundreds. The growth they achieve is phenomenal. In addition, Peer Solutions is the most open and approachable group of people I have ever encountered. They work tirelessly to prevent abuse in our community, but they do it in a positive way, without blame or criticism. There are never lectures or scolding; they just get right down to the business of love and acceptance while also helping to write laws and canvassing communities. I've never seen another organization like this one. They are truly an impressive bunch.” Terry Ann Lawler, Manager of Youth Services at Burton Barr Central Library, 8-22-18

“Peer Solutions is important because it uses high schoolers to teach middle schoolers about Safety, Equity and Respect (SER) and about multiple other things that can help make this world a better place and make it a safer environment for future generations.” Alex Alverez, Senior Tempe High School 3-29-19

“I accredit my knowledge of the true value of kindness and safety to Peer Solutions. Regardless of my struggles and experiences, Peer Solutions accepts me and my burdens with open arms time and time again. Having taught me the significance of equity and activism, the environment that Peer Solutions has built is one of community and respect.” Devi Neuharth, Junior Tempe High School 3-29-19

“Peer Solutions gives youth the opportunity to learn skills that are often over looked or shied away from. These skills are things that can not only help their lives be safer, but be happier as well. The younger members of the program get to be mentored by older youth that have been educated on these topics, so it allows for the message to get through more than it would might they have been adults. The youth led aspect leads to a familiarity and trust to the words the Peer Educators say. Not only is it important to the younger members, but to the older ones as well. It allows them go be able to become comfortable with speaking in front of groups, as well as building confidence to draw the attention of a distracted cloud. Often times, more than not, the topics taught to the younger members are things older members have yet to have learned, so it allows not only younger to be educated, buy older as well. All in all, the program is helpful to everyone involved and is an amazing thing to be a part of and experience. Jordan Darby, Senior Tempe High School 3-29-19

Peer solutions is important because it empowers youth to create a safe space for people who don't feel safe in their communities to learn about safety, equity, respect and how to use that positively in the real world and everything is taught BY YOUTH!! Jesus Espinoza, Junior Tempe High School 3-29-19

To me personally, Peer Solutions is like a family to me because they've helped in so many ways and opened my mind to new opportunities that I didn't know I would love doing like informing and empowering the youth with new information they need to know to grow. Kevin Crispin, Sophomore Camelback High School 3-29-19

“I believe Peer Solutions is important because it helps us get into those conversations that may seem taboo, or that aren’t brought up in normal circumstances. With this organization, we can go to elementary schools where children are still learning between right and wrong, and teach them about things that may not be comfortable to talk about at home or with teachers. We give them a helping hand and a bond with caring adults who’ll listen and respect what they have to say. We need to have these conversations and get Involved in our community and political system, which is exactly what Peer Solutions has done. Thanks to Peer Solutions I now have the knowledge about my state government, and how I can help make the law friendly towards teenagers and positive change. It’s given me that feeling of responsibility to make sure I inform the people about what’s going on in our political system, and how we can change it. It’s also given me a place where I can be myself and enjoy the things I’m doing, along with people who share that same drive. I feel like I can accomplish anything with this organization, and that’s why I know Peer Solutions is important. To me, and to others as well” Erick Bello, Camelback High School Senior March 29, 2019

“I love Peer Solutions! Peer Solutions has done so much to teach my kids about empathy, community involvement, compassion, and leadership! My children have grown into amazing, caring, accepting, and empowered young adults in large part because of Peer Solution's involvement in their lives! They helped create a safe place for them to feel accepted and worthy through middle school and high school and contributed to them all blossoming into respected peer leaders themselves. Peer Solutions is our extended family forever!” Lisa Steen 1-25-19