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"We all want to live in a better world."

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Peer Solutions's Current Activities include:


1.    Weekly High School Lunch Meetings: 1) Mondays: Two North High School meetings, 2) Tuesdays: Tempe High School meetings and two Pan American Charter School meetings, 3) Wednesdays: Two Camelback High School meetings, and 4) Thursdays: Two South Mountain High School meetings and Marcos De Niza High School meetings.

2.    Weekly Afterschool and Summer Peer Education and Leadership Training held on Thursdays afterschool at Westside Community Center Boys & Girls Club and Burton Barr Library in Phoenix.

3.    Weekly After-School and Summer School Peer Education Program for middle and elementary school students held on Mondays in Phoenix at William T. Machan School and on Tuesdays for all Tempe Middle School students at Westside Community Center.  The summer program Is held two to four days per week at the Local 586 Music Union, Westside Community Center, and Phoenix Public Library.

4.    Monthly Coalition Meetings held the last Thursday of the month at the Burton Barr Public Library in Phoenix, 4th Floor, Teen Center 4-5:30 PM.  Open to all student, school, family, community partners, and friends.

5.    Quarterly Mesa Nights: Peer Educators facilitate four workshops annually for youth and families addressing Traumatic Brain Injury funded by the Department of Economic Security.

6.    Bi-Annual Days at the Capitol:  are held  in October with a focus on preventing domestic and dating violence and in March with a focus on preventing sexual violence and child abuse.

a.   March 2017 Day at the Capitol Video:  1 Minute 50 Seconds by John Haas at Haas docs

b.  March 2016  Day at the Capitol Video: 2 Minute answer to saving the planet by Barry Crimmins, Neko Case, & Peer Solutions by John Haas

7.    Service Projects: include Arizona Helping Hands, UMOM, St. Mary’s Food Bank, Art Resource Center, Tempe Tardeada, Unity Walk, MLK Junior Celebration and Diversity Awards Banquet.

8.    On-going training for schools, businesses, and organizations to include workplace harassment, and campaigns including The Guts To Be Good – G2BG and The Arizona Business and Bar Campaign, A.B.B.C..

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2016/2017 Evaluation Highlights

  • 92% of participants report demonstrating safety, equity, and respect as norms every day
  • 100% of Peer Solutions’ seniors graduate high school
  • 82% of participants report being more committed to community service since joining
  • 88% of participants report being more honest since joining,
  • 91% of participants report being more respectful of self and others since joining
  • 96% of participants report improvement in grades since joining.
  • 91% of participants report speaking up more for themselves and others since joining,
  • 100% of family agreed their student believed they could make the world a better place as compared to 62% before joining.

 “Peer Solutions has helped me understand how to think more of others and help others around my home, especially my disabled grandparents.” 12-16

"HOW HAS PEER SOLUTIONS HELPED YOUR FAMILY?"                                                           

  • I've better learned how to communicate with them.
  • My dad actually said that he was proud of me!
  • My mom says that she loves you guys and you guys taught me how to respect more.
  • My grandmother is more understanding of me. 
  •  It has helped me because my family cares and loves others even more.                               
  • It's legitimately made us all better people and we're much more aware of what to do. 

2s others even more.                               

  • It's legitimately made us all better people and we're much more aware of what to do.   

30 participants over a 20 year span were interviewed. The following themes emerged. Peer Solutions:

  • Creates safe places 
  • Cultivates lifetime volunteerism 
  • Provides leadership opportunities 
  • Helps youth navigate tough times 
  • Builds empathy & healthy relationships 
  • Improves self-esteem & school performance