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Bethany McCoy

Bethany McCoy was raised in a culture and family focused on service and volunteerism  in the Portland Metro area and continued to serve her community throughout her adult life. After moving to Arizona she promptly began seeking out volunteer opportunities in the realm of sexual health, childcare, and community development . After volunteering for a few local organizations and not quite finding her niche, she was introduced to Peer Solution’s Summer Program and fell in love with the organization immediately, particularly the wonderful children and families that they both create and serve. Bethany began volunteering for Peer Solutions in 2016 and has stuck with us since. She began working part time for us in the beginning of 2018 and is now a full time staff member. Bethany's vision for the world aligns entirely with that of Peer Solutions, she believes that a culture where we practice safety, equity, and respect will put an end to the normalized violence, harm, and silence that we all experience every day.

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Jennifer Rauhouse

Jennifer Rauhouse founded Peer Solutions in 1996 with the vision of safety, equity, and respect (SER) normalized in our hearts, homes, schools, workplaces, governments, communities and world. This is a world free from the root causes of harm including Oppression, Silence/Denial, and Normalized Harm (OSN). It takes everyone, everywhere, every day. We are all Peers, We are all the Solution.

Jennifer has developed, researched, implemented and evaluated positive youth development and leadership primary prevention strategies since 1981. (Before there was a term primary prevention.) She is deeply committed to permanently ending the root causes of domestic, gang, gun, sexual, and relationship violence, child and substance abuse, homelessness, suicide, depression, poor school performance, bullying/harassment, criminality, and more. The root causes of all of the above are similar if not the same. To prevent one is to prevent them all. She serves on the National Sexual Violence Resource Center’s Advisory Council, has established sexual violence prevention guidelines with the CDC, and has provided primary prevention training to all states with an emphasis on youth and community development and mobilization. In May of 2017, she received The Saguaro, Life Time Achievement Award from the Arizona Coalition to End Sexual and Domestic Violence.


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