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Berty Atayde


Berty Atayde learned about Peer Solutions through her work in the admissions office of South Mountain Community College where she is currently pursuing a degree in Behavioral Health Sciences to transfer to Northern Arizona University for their Applied Human Behavior bachelors degree. She worked with the Boys and Girls Club of East County while living in California and has ever since been driven to study and one day become a counselor working with youth and veterans. 

Berty Atayde aprendió sobre Peer Solutions a través de su trabajo en la oficina de admisiones de South Mountain Community College, donde actualmente está cursando el asociados en Ciencias de la Salud del Comportamiento para transferirse a la Universidad del Norte de Arizona para su licenciatura en Comportamiento Humano Aplicado. Trabajó en el Boys and Girls Club de East County mientras vivía en California y desde entonces se ha dedicado a estudiar y, un día, convertirse en una consejera que trabaja con jóvenes y veteranos.

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PS: That is Valerie, Mary Fayed’s Baby, Rauhouse’s Grandbaby working the Nate Nathan and the MDO’s Fundraiser at the Vig for Peer Solutions. Together we are better.

Jenesis Maldonado

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Jenesis Maldonado learned about Peer Solutions through researching job and volunteer opportunities to share with her Behavioral Health Sciences Club at South Mountain Community College. She loves the mission of Peer Solutions and is passionate about working with youth and educating them on the importance of safety, equity, and respect. Jenesis is currently working towards her bachelors of Applied Human Behavior through Northern Arizona Universities extended campus and plans on pursuing higher education in family therapy after she graduates. 

Jenesis Maldonado aprendió sobre Peer Solutions a través de la búsqueda de oportunidades de trabajo y voluntario para compartir con su Club de Ciencias en South Mountain Community College. Le encantó la misión de Peer Solutions y le apasiona trabajar con la comunidad. Está emocionada de educar a los niños sobre seguridad, equidad y respeto. Jenesis está trabajando para obtener su licenciatura en Comportamiento Humano Aplicado a través del campus extendido de Northern Arizona University. Jenesis planea continuar su educación superior en terapia familiar después de que ella se gradúe.

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Jennifer Rauhouse

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Jennifer Rauhouse founded Peer Solutions in 1996 with the vision of safety, equity, and respect (SER) normalized in our hearts, homes, schools, workplaces, governments, communities and world. This is a world free from the root causes of harm including Oppression, Silence/Denial, and Normalized Harm (OSN). It takes everyone, everywhere, every day. We are all Peers, We are all the Solution.

Jennifer has developed, researched, implemented and evaluated positive youth development and leadership primary prevention strategies since 1981. (Before there was a term primary prevention.) She is deeply committed to permanently ending the root causes of domestic, gang, gun, sexual, and relationship violence, child and substance abuse, homelessness, suicide, depression, poor school performance, bullying/harassment, criminality, and more. The root causes of all of the above are similar if not the same. To prevent one is to prevent them all. She serves on the National Sexual Violence Resource Center’s Advisory Council, has established sexual violence prevention guidelines with the CDC, and has provided primary prevention training to all states with an emphasis on youth and community development and mobilization. In May of 2017, she received The Saguaro, Life Time Achievement Award from the Arizona Coalition to End Sexual and Domestic Violence.


Kendra Rooney

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Welcome Kendra Rooney. Thank you for joining the team!

Kendra Rooney was introduced to Peer Solutions through an internship opportunity through a service learning class at Arizona State University. She is a full-time student earning her undergraduate in Educational Studies with a focus on Organizational Leadership. She feels passionately toward the mission of Peer Solutions, and the ability that this organization has to change students' lives and create a positive future for the younger generation. After college, she hopes to pursue a career in education-based nonprofits.



Courtney Ward is a Program Coordinator/Educator in Denver, CO, who is passionate about primary prevention and cultivating societies intolerant of oppression, silence and denial and normalized harm.  She believes that youth have the motivation and fervor to prevent violence before it begins by using positive solutions in their homes, neighborhoods, schools and communities.  Courtney attended Arizona State University and obtained a BA in Psychology and Sociology as well as a MSW and most recently became a Licensed Master Social Worker. When she is not working with youth, she enjoys hiking, traveling and spending time with friends, family and her wonderful cat. Courtney Ward has worked with Peer Solutions for the past 8 years and is now supporting Peer Solutions 15 hours per month.