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Prevention Program Theory

STAND & SERVE Primary Prevention Science / Evidence Base

Download a copy of our entire Prevention Program Theory. 

With limited resources and a deep conviction to preventing harm before it begins, Peer Solutions, from the beginning has been committed to learning through research and practical application about what activities maximize effectiveness.

STAND & SERVE utilizes The 9 Principles of Effective Prevention and science based theory to guide our primary prevention efforts. We address the underlying conditions in order to create healthy schools, families and communities. We use developmental Assets/Positive Youth Development, Community Development, Social Norms, Diffusion of Innovation/Peer Education, Social Change and Marketing research to support our efforts as they are closely connected and the application of one often supports the application of another.

Our communities define the problem and own the solutions. Together we conduct needs assessments and use local and national data to guide efforts. The areas we serve host some of the greatest needs in Arizona as well as across the county. We work to improve the health and well being of others on individual, relationship, community and societal levels.

STAND & SERVE works to create the change we wish to see in the world. This is a world we all want to live in. This is a world where safety, equality and respect are norms. This is a world free from Violence including child abuse and all forms of oppression.