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Peer Solutions conducted a survey of 30 past participants dating back to 1998. 100% reported a positive impact currently in their lives and are still involved in this type of work. Click here to download a PDF document of the testimonials.

Every dollar invested has an exponential positive impact. Students embrace and live the concepts of safety, equality and respect.  They model behavior and empathy that spreads to other students, their families, future coworkers, their own children and the community at large. These Peer Solutions’ ambassadors move through their often difficult lives armed with the knowhow to recognize and negate oppression and violence in many forms, whether it is coming from others or within themselves. Peer Solutions is creating adults who will lead our community to a better, more prosperous future. And that is something we can all get behind.  Marsha Vallee, Co-Owner Noble Beast 7-2-17

“From my standpoint as the Acting Chief Deputy City Prosecutor, Peer Solutions' student engagement model provides one of the best examples of how we can connect our youth toward a purposeful life. One of our Great Youth-Based Organizations.”   Will Gonzalez 8-2-2015

“Over the last 16 years, I have watched STAND & SERVE grow into a veritable force for our youth.   Countless students have found a place to be themselves, while learning to help others, advocate for what they believe, and find their own voices.  They learn from their peers that they can take a stand for what’s right and then they put it into practice.    STAND & SERVE is the ‘cool club’ on campus.  Students from all walks of life, all socioeconomic levels, from myriad cliques, and without cliques work together for the common good and become better people for their efforts.” - Eileen M. Yellin, Ph.D., First and current S&S School Sponsor since 1997, October 20, 2012


“It is a great gift to have the STAND & SERVE program involved in the Tempe community. The students are amazing, always so respectful and caring of each other and the community they represent. They have a knack of sharing compassion and also making it fun! The staff is exceptional and so welcoming – they are an incredible asset to Tempe and I look forward to working with this program always!”  - Caterina Mena, Tempe Community Council


“Teens who participate in the STAND & SERVE and Peer Solutions programs give back to the community on a large scale as well as in smaller, more intimate forums. They provide insight on issues that directly relate to teens on a state, national and even global level. On a local level, they provide assistance in community events and their own schools. On the most intimate of levels, they are positive role models for the countless peers they interact with in their schools, community centers and parks.” – Marijo Kist, Regional Branch Manager, City of Phoenix Public Libraries

STAND & SERVE is a leader in creating a culture of respect and equality among youth by teaching and encouraging them to be leaders and mentors to their peers. S&S is teaching students how to take charge and transform difficult and challenging situations into positive ones and make a difference in their lives and others.  Senator David Lujan, Peer Solutions Board Member/Principal at ASU Preparatory Academy 10-23-2012

"The ripple of impact that Peer Solutions has on society cannot be measured. As a volunteer of Peer Solution's Stand & Serve program, I've seen middle school and high school kids learn and practice respect and empathy, virtues that can stop cycles of violence and have continued positive impact individually and for the greater community." – Karen Rudolph, S&S volunteer


 “You can’t NOT smile at a Stand and Serve event. You can’t NOT be inspired. Watching a group of kids model positivity and exude warmth and acceptance for their peers, and engage in open conversation about the harm of child and sexual abuse, is a rich and unforgettable experience. The kids’ active involvement, and Peer Solutions’ leadership, in primary prevention fills me with hope for the next generation of adults in Arizona.” – Kristen Nelson, Arizona Community Foundation


“The best investments are those that transform the lives of future generations. That is why I believe in Stand & Serve. [S&S creates] teen mentors that cultivate respect, courage and compassion in schools throughout the Valley.  There is no better way to invest our time and resources and receive the highest return.”   -- Arizona Secretary of State, Michele Reagan 3-3-2015


 “Peer Solutions builds resilient youth while empowering them to make the world a better place. This is how we prevent child abuse and the subsequent harms. I am pleased to serve on their honorary board to help develop STAND & SERVE into a national model anyone can use.  Thank you for your support!”  - Billy Bob Thornton, Honorary Board Member, 7-29-15


“I wish I had had a program like Peer Solutions to turn to as a youth. As a kid in middle and high school I found no help inside or outside my family to deal with sexual violence, poverty, bullying, which were all a regular part of most of my peers and my lives, not to mention drug and alcohol abuse. No law enforcement, no counselors, no teachers and no parents. They were the people we are told to turn to in our society, and I tried. But what do you do when you run out of options? You turn to other kids, so let's prepare them to help! In my childhood it would have made all the difference, as a lot of the kids I knew didn't make it to adulthood at all. I'm one of the lucky ones. Over the last 15 or so years, I have come to know many of the kids in Stand and Serve personally, and I've been so proud to watch them grow into brilliant, strong, loving, caring adults who know the value of giving back and changing our world through understanding and discourse. They have made a safe place for the next generation and so on and so on. I'm a better person for knowing them as well. I can't endorse this program with enough enthusiasm and respect. It works.” - Neko Case 8-6-15

“STAND & SERVE is such an important club on our campus. The club's activities that bring attention to such problems as sexual abuse, bullying, suicide, etc., has contributed to our campus having an accepting, tolerant, and compassionate culture.  In addition to helping our students look for positive ways to combat society's negative ways, our STAND & SERVE club members have also been very active in community events, including participating in the Autism Awareness Walk, and the Tempe Cares community clean-up day.   I Love, love, love STAND & SERVE!”  Vice-Principal Kate Glenn, Tempe High School, May 1, 2013, partner since 1996

What elementary & middle school participants have to say

  • I act better and I know what to look for in friends and in life. 

  • I am a lot nicer to my sister.

  • It made me feel wanted.

  • I haven't cut myself. To not hate myself but to love myself. 

  • I am not as mean.

  • I learned to be a responsible bystander.

  • Makes me think more positively.

  • I am more respectful of others. 

What high school participants have to say

  • I can better communicate with others. I'm more confident.

  • It has made me more accepting of others.

  • That's its good to do community service because it helps the whole community. 

  • It makes me feel important and that I can help people. It's a good feeling.

  • I have learned to be more kind and appreciate life.

  • It's changed how I see the world as well as improved my self value. 

  • I try to understand others culture and that there are issues underneath that they don't show. 

  • I like the way we talked about things that can harm your life, and how to avoid those signs of depression, substance abuse, and suicide. 

What Peer Educators have to say 

  • I feel really good to contribute to positive social change because I believe that what we show the kids is going to have a positive change in their lives.

  • I feel like I helped younger kids know more about what to do when they have problems. I feel like they actually learned and had fun.

  • I felt that I got a lot out of helping kids and teaching them about drugs, depression and suicide.

  • I feel that being a part of this organization, we were able to better children's lives in the future. We gave them the mind set and tools to be a contributor to society.

  • I feel we taught these kids a lot about respect and how much violence hurts others so that now the kids will know how to prevent it.

  • By teaching these kids about violence and why it was wrong, as well as how to prevent it, I think we helped these kids to go out and help put an end to it.

  • Just by having the kids with us instead of on the streets, we prevent chances of violence. Also, they will be more considerate and peaceful from now on. 

What parents/Guardians have to say 

  • My daughter respects herself more and is learning the ability to stand up for herself. She uses examples from S&S at home when there are problems instead of getting mad. 

  • My daughter has increased self-confidence and leadership skills, and a strong voice against injustice. 

  • My son is more open and willing to help others.

  • My daughter learns right from wrong, and she thinks of others. 

  • My daughter is passionate about S&S and I like that.

  • I know that my daughter is changing her attitude towards things, being more respectful and knowing how to do things differently.

  • My daughter is very happy to be helping her community. This experience has wrought a positive change in her.

  • My son is better able to deal with conflict by choosing other avenues. S&S taught him how to think more instead of just reacting.