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2016-2017 Highlights

Brian Flatgard

  1. In May of 2017, Peer Solutions’ Executive Director and Founder, received the Saguaro Life Time Achievement Award from the Arizona Coalition to End Sexual and Domestic Violence for her for work to address and prevent sexual and domestic violence.
  2.  In March of 2017, Nora Fayed and Sammee Johnson served on an Arizona School Board Association panel for school staff and administrators. See the mission in action here:  
  3. In March of 2017, S&S presented at the American Indian Disability Summit.
  4.  In January of 2017, four S&S members were recipients a City of Tempe Diversity Award. STAND & SERVE members have received this award for 17 years.
  5. In December of 2016, Peer Solutions makes the Arizona Republic:
  6. In December of 2016, Peer Solutions became officially qualified to receive an Arizona Charitable Tax Credit. Couples may now donate up to $800 and individuals up to $400 and they will receive a dollar for dollar tax credit.
  7. In July of 2016 Presented at the Arizona Child Abuse Prevention Conference with a rare 5/5 rating. In July of 2017, S&S will present at the Conference about how and why engaging youth maximizes prevention efforts.
  8. In March of 2016 Developed an Adverse Childhood Experiences Prevention Proclamation that was read in the Arizona Senate and House.
  9. In February of 2016, Peer Solutions Received a 12 WHO CARE award from Channel 12, ,
  10. In January of 2016, our program was highlighted in the American Psychological Association’s Psychology of Violence Journal
  11. In 2016, Peer Solutions students trained providers in Arizona, Kentucky, Florida and Oklahoma.
  12. Peer Solutions now holds platinum status on Guide Star: