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2015-2016 Highlights

Brian Flatgard

During the 2015-2016 school-year, we served 13,227 youth and 2,090 adults. This does not include media. Students representing 38 elementary through post-secondary schools supported by 47 community and funding partners participated in activities.

S&S activities were peer led and included:

1)    Weekly Lunch Meetings at Camelback, North and South Mountain High Schools and Pan American Charter School in Phoenix and Marcos de Niza and Tempe High Schools in Tempe. Monthly outreach campaigns include all students and staff. There are 28 lessons.

2)    Weekly After-school and Summer Peer Education Training  at Westside Community Center in Tempe and the Burton Barr Public Library and Arizona Music Union in Phoenix. Activities are open to any secondary and post-secondary student who wants to commit to a minimum of a semester of ongoing training, facilitation, and leadership opportunities. Peers develop and update curriculum. There are 3 training retreats annually and 28 lessons.

3)    Weekly After-school and Summer Peer Education Workshops at Westside Community Center in Tempe and the Burton Barr Public Library and Arizona Music Union in Phoenix. Workshops are facilitated by trained peer educators for elementary and middle school students from all Tempe middle schools and Machan K-8 in Phoenix. The summer program is held two days per week at Westside Community Center in Tempe, one day per week at the Burton Barr Public Library and one day per week at The Arizona Music Union in Phoenix. Activities are open to any elementary through post-secondary student. There are 44 lessons which include the school year and summer programming.

4)    Monthly After-school Coalition Meetings the last Thursday of the month at the Burton Barr Public Library. Throughout the year participants plan, develop, and implement S&S Days at the Capitol, service projects, an end of the school year celebration at ASU and potluck. 

In January of 2016, S&S members were highlighted in the American Psychological Association’s Psychology of Violence Journal. Results were already presented at several conferences. In February of 2016, three S&S students received the City of Tempe Diversity Award and Peer Solutions received a 12 WHO CARE award from Channel 12. In March of 2016, Peer Solutions was able to obtain Concurrent Adverse Childhood Prevention Proclamations in the Arizona Senate and House.  And finally within the past year, S&S youth have trained prevention providers in Arizona, Kentucky, Florida and Oklahoma.

2016 City of Tempe Diversity Award winners!

 2015 City of Tempe Diversity Award Winners-Tonia Smith, Kristyn St. Yves & Tyra Simpson.Y S&S has won this award for the 16 years.

Evaluation Highlights:

  1. 100% graduated HS & 96% showed improvement in grades,

  2. 91% reported speaking up more for themselves and others, 

  3. 92% reported demonstrating safety, equality and respect as norms every day as compared to 74% before joining

  4. 100% of family members agreed their student believes they make the world a better place after joining as compared to 67% before joining

Examples of answers to the question:  How S&S has helped your family?

  1. It helped my family become more aware of what is going on in the community.

  2. S&S has become part of our families defining features. We all have learned so much from all the lessons taught & we are much more prone to showing what we have learned.

  3. It helped my mother to speak up more for my nephew against his abusive father.

  4. My family is generally more peaceful. We know how to problem solve and prevent problems in the first place. My family loves S&S.