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Keeping It Real

Brian Flatgard

Message from Jennifer Rauhouse: Peer Solutions Founder.

When the dude created the polio vaccine he shared it for free because it literally saved how many lives? After 52 years of obsessing through research and practice about how to prevent Adverse Childhood Experiences, including sexual abuse, we have the answer. We are now working with the top evaluators in the country to prove it. For example we were just highlighted in the American Psychological Association’s, Psychology of Violence Journal in January of 2016.

In the meantime, I have had to turn into a “marketeer”, I just added that word to my dictionary, to keep Peer Solutions going. For the past twenty years we have been grant funded. I refused to do individual fundraising, hold fundraising events or ask for money on line or almost anywhere. I even told our board they would never have to fundraise. This is about cultivating safe, healthy and respectful relationships and communities. This is about saving lives, not about the money.

Sadly, almost everyone has lost funding in the Non-Profit world and now we all have “carnivore eyes” looking for money, literally to save lives. I even went to a week-long boot camp to learn how to sell your non-profit in three minutes or less.

I have also been buying lottery tickets but that’s not working. So, here we are in a no-choice situation in which we have to fundraise for real. I studied all the hip and not-hip crowdfunding sites and realized everyone wins when we do it ourselves. I registered Peer Solutions through PayPal and the fees dropped 17%. Even if you don’t have PayPal account you can still donate on a one time or monthly basis.

On the much brighter side, I also know there are a billion people out there who really do care, who really do want to make a difference. Sure we want the money, the more the merrier, BUT, I am more interested in partners across the nation that really, care about effective solutions to end this feces before it begins.  Sadly many of us have had quite a few more than one Adverse Childhood Experiences.  I’m sick to death of dealing with it and even sicker watching other young people suffer. We know this can be prevented and we know how. Please watch our videos and join the team. We have a ton of fun while making this world a better place to live, learn, work and play.

With our approach, I believe prisons could be turned into resorts and we wouldn’t even need homeless shelters or the Human Society. We all would have more time to play with our pets.

100% of all donations will go directly to creating a model anyone can use and to programming. Thank you beyond words to the thousands of you that have supported us to date and here’s to a million more. This is by and for you. We are all Peers, We are all the Solution.

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