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A message from Neko Case


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A message from Neko Case

Brian Flatgard

Some words from honorary board member Neko Case, 8/6/2015:

I wish I had had a program like Peer solutions to turn to as a youth. As a kid in middle and high school I found no help inside or outside my family to deal with sexual violence, poverty, bullying, which were all a regular part of most of my peers and my lives, not to mention drug and alcohol abuse. No law enforcement, no counselors, no teachers and no parents. They were the people we are told to turn to in our society, and I tried. But what do you do when you run out of options? You turn to other kids, so let’s prepare them to help! In my childhood it would have made all the difference, as a lot of the kids I knew didn’t make it to adulthood at all. I’m one of the lucky ones.

Over the last 15 or so years, I have come to know many of the kids in Stand and Serve personally, and I’ve been so proud to watch them grow into brilliant, strong, loving, caring adults who know the value of giving back and changing our world through understanding and discourse. They have made a safe place for the next generation and so on and so on. I’m a better person for knowing them as well. I can’t endorse this program with enough enthusiasm and respect. It works.
— Neko Case