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… a world where all children are safe & know what it’s like to be treated & treat others, equally with respect. 

Now imagine what that world would look like when these children grow up. 
We can. 

Stand and Serve in 40 seconds…

Stand and Serve in-depth 8-minute video…

During the 2014/2015 school year, we served 23,495 youth and 2,542 adults supported by 38 schools and 47 community and funding partners.

In this time of budget cuts, your help is greatly and urgently needed. Help us help others.

Peer Solutions was founded in 1996 with the mission:
Investing in youth to elevate communities. 

2+ Decades of…

  • Creating safe places 
  • Cultivating volunteerism 
  • Providing leadership opportunities 
  • Helping youth navigate tough times 
  • Building empathy & healthy relationships 
  • Improving self-esteem & school performance 

STAND & SERVE (S&S) is an award winning positive youth development best practice designed to prevent the root causes of child abuse before they begin. With a trauma informed lens, our students become ambassadors of change. They model positive behaviors which in turn fosters healthy families and communities. The outcome is safety, equality and respect as norms. 

Safety and security don’t just happen; they are the result of collective consensus and public investment. We owe our children, the most vulnerable citizens in our society, a life free of violence and fear.
— Nelson Mandela

Activities are peer led, year-round and include: 

  • Weekly lunch meetings, afterschool and summer peer education and mentor projects, 
  • Monthly outreach campaigns and coalition meetings, 
  • Bi-annual Days at the Capitol, service projects, potlucks & 
  • The Guts to be Good (G2BG) initiative, five things everyone can do to make the world a better place: 
    1. The guts to be respectful,
    2. The guts to be courteous
    3. The guts to speak up
    4. The guts to be honest and
    5. The guts to lend a hand.

In 2014, we served 14,524 youth ages 12-24 and 2,418 adults supported by 38 elementary through post-secondary schools and 43 community and funding partners across Phoenix and Tempe. 

2014 Evaluation Highlights:

  • 100% graduated high school, 
  • 96% showed improvement in grades, 
  • 96% practice respect for others and self every day, 
  • 88% practice equality and safety every day and 
  • 100% of family members agreed that their student believed they could make the world a better place after joining S&S as compared to 67% before joining. 

S&S is highlighted in Arizona, California, Florida, Kentucky, Idaho, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Missouri, New York, New Jersey, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Washington & Wyoming.

“The best investments are those that transform the lives of future generations. That is why I believe in STAND & SERVE. STAND & SERVE and its companion initiative, The Guts to Be Good, are paying it forward every day by creating teen mentors that cultivate respect, courage and compassion in schools throughout the Valley. There is no better way to invest our time and resources and receive the highest return.”
— Arizona Secretary of State, and G2BG Award Winner, Michele Reagan