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How You Can Help

You are invited to support the mission and vision of Peer Solutions. 

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Peer Solutions' Crowdfunding Campaign


Are you are part of the 75% of adults that have stomached at least one Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE)? If so, it is likely you would do almost anything to stop it from happening to another. Now you can.

You are invited to join a growing movement of humans across the country uniting to end ACEs, including sexual abuse. Prevention is the cure; you/we are the solution.

Goal: $250,000+
Dates:  July 15 - August 31, 2016 

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Positive Player

You will be added to our email list, highlighted on our website & receive 1 raffle entry.

Role Model

You will receive 2 raffle entries and a G2BG window cling and bracelet in addition to Positive Player awards.

Life Saver

You will receive 3 raffle entries and a signed NEW Jon Rauhouse CD in addition to Role Model awards.

Community Saver

You will receive 4 raffle entries and a surprise prize in addition to Life Saver awards.

Music Lover & Savior

You will receive a 5 raffle entries and signed CD’s from Neko Case, Jon Rauhouse and Billy Bob Thornton and the Boxmasters.

You may remain anonymous.


When we reach $10,000, Peer Solutions website will be updated to include all donors and several options to continue to participate. Our first raffle winner will be drawn and the prize is huge.

When we reach $50,000, A secret prize will be added to the pot for all donors.

When we reach $100,000, We will host a party for all donors with live music.

When we reach $1,000,000, We will develop an EVIDENCE BASED model that can be replicated in any community.  It’s the New Polio Vaccine and we are sharing it for free. 

Thank You!

You will be in good company including Honorary Board Members Barry Crimmins, Neko Case, Juan Mendez, Nate Nathan, Jon Rauhouse and Billy Bob Thornton. All are deeply committed to preventing these harms before they begin. Whatever you can offer helps and is combined with others to make a huge difference.

Just $1 adds you to our mailing list with invitations to participate in activities on and off line and special offers to donors. You will also be highlighted on our website and receive a raffle entry to win priceless prizes including signed swag from our honorary board members.

About us: Peer Solutions founded STAND & SERVE, a positive youth development and leadership, national best practice, in 1996 to prevent ACEs including sexual abuse before it begins. Our mission is Investing in Youth to Elevate Communities because it works! For example, 100% of our S&S members graduate from high school and that’s just the beginning. Our young people become the best parents, pet owners, co-workers, educators, volunteers and policy makers for life. The result is generations of children that are safe and treated equally with respect. Generations free from Adverse Childhood Experiences.

On your first visit to AmazonSmile (,  select Peer Solutions to receive donations from eligible purchases before you begin shopping. We will remember your selection, and then every eligible purchase you make at will result in a donation.

Visit to learn how you can support us each time you shop.

You shop. Peer Solutions gets money. For free. Visit our page on to get started.

Shop your favorite stores Online to support STAND & SERVE! Shop through and up to 26% of each purchase you make will go to Peer Solutions. 

Mail in Donations 

Donations are tax deductible and may be sent to PO Box 24148, Phoenix, AZ 85074-4148.

Every dollar donated will support elementary, middle and high school students working together with schools, families and communities to prevent harm before it begins with positive solutions aimed at building a world we want to live in. You may specify exactly what you would like your donation to fun or leave it up to us to determine greatest need. Peer Solutions is a great investment in our future.


Would you like to volunteer? Apply for an internship? 

We believe peers are the solution; therefore, we appreciate and welcome your assistance. If you would like to become a peer educator, volunteer or donate, please read below for more information. 

Join our Mailing List

If you would like to join our mailing list, please send an email with your name, address and affiliation to

If you would like to start your own STAND & SERVE club or have other suggestions or questions, please feel free to contact Peer Solutions and we will be pleased to work with you. Together we can make an even greater difference. 

Thank you for your interest. Peer Solutions has many opportunities for involvement and welcomes help from family members, school staff and the community. If you would like to add your name to our list of volunteers, obtain an application, or have any comments, questions or suggestions, feel free to contact Peer Solutions at Opportunities are designed to meet the needs of each volunteer. Finger print clearance is required for those working with students under the age of 18.

Volunteer options include but are not limited to: 

  • Internship - Participate in an internships for college credit 

  • Helping with weekly  STAND & SERVE lunch and after-school activities for elementary, middle and high school students in Phoenix and/or Tempe 

  • Assisting with monthly  STAND & SERVE Coalition meetings and activities for school, family and community partners including ongoing service projects 

  • Facilitating prevention workshops with students and staff of any or all ages 

  • Assisting with Children First Academy program for homeless children and families 

  • Writing Grants, Obtaining Program Donations of Food and Incentives, Evaluation