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The Guts to Be Good


Everyone is invited to become a G2BG Partner.

Everyone has guts; therefore, S&S members believe “everyone has The Guts To Be Good.”

G2BG is about building a world we want to live in. This is a world where all humans feel & are safe and are treated equally with respect.

THE GUTS TO BE GOOD- G2BG is also about working together to cultivate good to end bad. The S&S Coalition defined 5 Domains we will use to design G2BG next steps.

  1. The guts to be RESPECTFUL,

  2. The guts to be COURTEOUS,

  3. The guts to SPEAK UP,

  4. The guts to be HONEST &

  5. The guts to LEND A HAND

More information 

G2BG Partners are provided with a G2BG Pay if Forward Packet with stickers, pins and information to pass on to others. G2BG partners agree to work with other students, family and community members to help define and implement next steps. What can I do now you ask?

It's time to end sexual violence…