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The Guts to Be Good



Everyone has guts; therefore, “everyone has The Guts To Be Good.”

G2BG is about building a world we want to live in. This is a world where all humans are safe and treated equitably with respect.

THE GUTS TO BE GOOD- G2BG is 5 things everyone, everywhere, every day to promote SAFETY, EQUALITY & RESPECT as norms on an individual, relationship, community and societal levels.

  1. The guts to be RESPECTFUL,

  2. The guts to be COURTEOUS,

  3. The guts to SPEAK UP,

  4. The guts to be HONEST &

  5. The guts to LEND A HAND

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SER to end OSN through G2BG across the SEM

Peer Solutions is an Arizona-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 1996 with the mission: Investing in Youth to Elevate Communities.

We believe it takes everyone, everyday, everywhere to cultivate safe, equitable, respectful, and ultimately healthy communities today, tomorrow and forever. We work together to prevent Adverse Childhood Experiences before they begin, including: child abuse, domestic, dating, sexual, gun, and gang violence, substance abuse, depression, suicide, self-harm, eating disorders,  homelessness, poverty, poor school performance, and more. Activities are positive, youth developed and led, year-round, and intergenerational. We are all Peers, We are all the Solution.

We foster healthy communities by cultivating Safety, Equality and Respect (SER) as norms to prevent the root causes of these harms before they begin. The root causes are Oppression, Silence/Denial and Normalized harm (OSN). We cultivate SER to end OSN through G2BG-The Guts To Be Good. Five things everyone can do everyday, everywhere to make the world a better place: 1. The Guts to be Respectful, 2. The Guts to be Courteous, 3. The Guts to Speak-Up, 4. The Guts to be Honest, and  5. The Guts to Lend a Hand.

Research confirms strategies across the Social Ecological Model (SEM) maximize impact. This means addressing change at the individual, relationship, community and societal levels. Community and Societal level strategies are the most effective because they affect the most amount of people. We empower individuals with education and the skills to build healthy relationships at home, school, their workplaces and in the community. Together, we develop and implement activities with the communities we serve. This establishes cultural relevance, retention, and generational impact. Policy level work has proven the most successful. Today’s young people are tomorrow’s parents/adult caregivers and/or policy makers.

It's time to end sexual violence…



Tree planted in honor of Doctor Eileen Yellin 2017 - Tempe High School  We Love You Doc! Forever.

Tree planted in honor of Doctor Eileen Yellin 2017 - Tempe High School  We Love You Doc! Forever.


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March 2017 Day at the Capitol  - Dr. Natasha Bhuyan, Senator Juan Mendez and Representative Athena Salman!  WE LOVE YOU!

March 2017 Day at the Capitol  - Dr. Natasha Bhuyan, Senator Juan Mendez and Representative Athena Salman!  WE LOVE YOU!