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2016/2017 Evaluation Highlights

  • 92% of participants report demonstrating safety, equity, and respect as norms every day

  • 100% of Peer Solutions’ seniors graduate high school

  • 82% of participants report being more committed to community service since joining

  • 88% of participants report being more honest since joining,

  • 91% of participants report being more respectful of self and others since joining

  • 96% of participants report improvement in grades since joining.

  • 91% of participants report speaking up more for themselves and others since joining,

  • 100% of family agreed their student believed they could make the world a better place as compared to 62% before joining.

 “Peer Solutions has helped me understand how to think more of others and help others around my home, especially my disabled grandparents.” 12-16

"HOW HAS PEER SOLUTIONS HELPED YOUR FAMILY?"                                                           

  • I've better learned how to communicate with them.

  • My dad actually said that he was proud of me!

  • My mom says that she loves you guys and you guys taught me how to respect more.

  • My grandmother is more understanding of me.

  • It has helped me because my family cares and loves others even more.

  • It's legitimately made us all better people and we're much more aware of what to do.

  • It's legitimately made us all better people and we're much more aware of what to do.


Peer Solutions: Shadow a Legislator Day Quotes
“I learned a lot about the processes of state government. Very Insightful!” 
“These youth are inspiring and well informed.” 
“Young people are more engaged than you might think.”
“My student was so interested and polite. Just a great kid.” 
“My favorite part would have to be connecting with the legislator I had chosen. They were a huge inspiration and I love them so much for all the hard work they put into their jobs.”
“Overall I really enjoyed the experience.”
“This was an amazing day and I hope that there are more of these types of informational events in the future.”  
“Great day, it can be an annual event!!”
“Great Participants.” 
“I truly loved shadowing and want to see this turned into a real relationship with our legislators.” 

30 participants over a 20 year span were interviewed. The following themes emerged. Peer Solutions:

  • Creates safe places

  • Cultivates lifetime volunteerism

  • Provides leadership opportunities

  • Helps youth navigate tough times

  • Builds empathy & healthy relationships

  • Improves self-esteem & school performance 

Thank You Neko Case and We love you you!

Thank You Neko Case and We love you you!