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Donate Your AZ Tax Credit

IF YOU PAY ARIZONA TAXES, you can now donate up to $400 as an individual and $800 as a couple to peer solutions and receive a dollar-for-dollar Arizona Charitable Organization Tax Credit.

Meaning: You will get 100% of your donation back when you file. You decide where your AZ taxes Go.

You can donate any amount that works for you up to 400 as an individual and 800 as a couple! And you can also donate monthly!

To avoid fees you may mail in your donation to:  Peer Solutions, Po Box 24148, Phoenix, Arizona 85074-4148. We will mail you a receipt. Please put Peer Solutions in the header and AZ Tax Credit in the memo.

Visit the Arizona Department of Revenue site for detailed answers to your questions about the tax credit:

Great news! You can also donate your school tax credit to Peer Solutions!

STAND & SERVE Arizona School Tax Credit: In addition to the Arizona Charitable Organization Tax Credit, Peer Solutions is qualified in the Tempe Union High School District at Tempe High School and Marcos De Niza High School to receive your school tax credit as well. An individual may donate up to $200 and a couple may donate up to $400 to receive a dollar for dollar credit on their Arizona Tax Return. This is in addition to the organization and foster care credit. If donated by the end of the year, it can be deducted on your Federal return as well. Sign on as a guest and choose STAND & SERVE at Tempe High School or Marcos De Niza High School.

HONORARY BOARD MEMBER BILLY BOB THORNTON AND HIS BAND!  "What Did You Do Today?" from The Boxmasters album "Somewhere Down The Road." Directed by Matthew Cullen.